Hey Chloe! So first, Thank you for allowing us to know more about you. We truly feel your story is one that needs to be told, we cant wait. We see someone who is inspiring, who is positive ,and someone who is a star! Even if you can't see what we see, its the truth (Don't Argue with us). So let's start with you Introducing yourself! Who are you, where are you from? More importantly, how did you get this way? What shaped you, molded, grew you to be this wonderful human being who's story inspires & deserves to be told?

Hey EnterAction Apparel community! My name is Chloe, I am 27 years old and originally from Massachusetts. Two years ago I had a major life shift which propelled me into the life that I have now. I've always been a very outgoing, driven, and passionate person. I was that kid in high school that really enjoyed school - I was class president, on student council, did theater and choir, I played softball, you get the point I was very involved. Even though I excelled academically and may have seemed like a very confident person on the outside - I've always struggled with my weight, body confidence, self-love/self-worth. Really from ages of 17-26 (yes I said 26 - almost 10 years) it was a weird dark time for me. Although I did well in college, I was constantly drinking, partying, and also binge eating. I think I may have put on a good 30-45 pounds throughout college. Sure I had gone through phases of wanting to get healthy. My favorite line was always, "This weekend is my last hoorah my diet starts tomorrow." If I had a dollar for every time I said that - I would be hella riiiiiich! But really and ultimately I was the definition of a hot mess. My junior year of college was a real blur (again with the partying/drinking I don't remember a lot). I remember I was on a very brief "I want to get healthy" kick and weighed myself: a whopping 245 lbs. I was SHOOK. I knew I had gained a lot of weight but seeing it on the scale was a tough pill to swallow. Was I really surprised though? Drinking Natty Lites and eating a whole pepperoni pizza to myself at 3AM probably wasn't a good idea. I was accepted to the Disney College Program for August of 2012 and I knew that was my time to get my life together. I did make a good change for a little while, and had the best time working for Disney. I came home for my senior year graduated and went right back down to Disney for a second internship. After that internship I came back home to Massachusetts - and it was more of the same: on and off the health kick, feeling stuck. In 2016 I had found a community on Instagram, Fit Girls Guide, and decided to give their fitness/food guides a chance (why not, I've literally tried every diet under the sun, what's one more?). I LOVED everything about it. It was easy to follow, the food was great, and the community was awesome. It all came to a screeching stop when I was in a major car accident. I was out of work for 3-4 months (I was okay, I had a terrible neck/back injury so recovery sucked). Once I recovered I started a new job, at hotel hell as I now call it. I worked in catering and my boss was awful - her nickname was dragon lady...just so you get a nice visual. Remember the 30-45 pounds I gained in college? Yeah I probably lost about 30 during the 2-3 year span of 2012-2016 - but when I started this job I most likely gained 30-40 more back. Oy vey. I was so stressed, losing my hair, drinking a bottle of wine pretty much every night, and eating everything in sight. For my 26th birthday I was going to visit my friend in South Carolina, who I had met on my second Disney internship. After that trip I absolutely knew two things: that I needed to make a change in my life - I couldn't go on anymore and I was moving to South Carolina. I was so unhappy about how I looked/felt, I was tired all the time, and just in a depression. My mom basically told me to quit my job and to dedicate that time to work on myself/my health, and get ready for my new life. I WAS PUMPED. In November 2017 I quit my job and that is the shift that propelled me into the life I'm living now. Getting out of rock-bottom never felt so good. I decided I wanted to help keep myself accountable - this was a HUGE gift my mom was helping me with to get my health in order and I didn't want to screw it up for the millionth time. I decided to make a fitness/weight loss journey Instagram account - and @fitgirl_felicity was created. I decided to go back to basics and jumped back with the Fit Girls Guide community and I never looked back. I started my journey literally a week before the holidays but I didn't care I was no longer in the mode of "last hoorah" - I did that and look where it got me. The end of 2017 through 2018 was the best year of my life. I had moved to South Carolina at the end of February and started this new life. I had lost about 50lbs by March and was continuing to lose. I was fitting into clothes that I couldn't in YEARS. Now losing weight is obviously a great aspect to this journey, but honestly the best part was how I was growing as a person. I was starting to see myself as a confident person. I was starting to love myself more and appreciating the body I have. I was attracting the good into my life - new opportunities, new friends, a new gym tribe, and ultimately the love of my life. Long long story short, I know that there are people out there that have very similar stories and backgrounds. I think that is why I love FGG so much - I found a community of women who are the biggest cheerleaders, motivators, REAL women that are supporting other women of all backgrounds to achieve a common goal of bettering themselves. My Instagram page has been a huge blessing in disguise and I want to be able to help and motivate women (and men) on their journey as well.


What has been the single biggest challenge you've faced, or currently facing? (Don't go easy on this one)

This all goes back to the body confidence. Although I'm on the right track and have continued my weight loss journey, I just want to be at that point of being 100% confident in my own skin. My boyfriend has definitely been a huge help in this department. He sees me as this beautiful sexy woman - and honestly it's hard for me to even type that because I'm already embarrassed thinking about it! I know it's going to take some time to feel that confident but it's definitely been a lot better. I think if you are struggling with this - social media can be a good and bad resource. I have recently started to follow more body positive accounts and follow more people that I resonate with. I have unfollowed a bunch of fitness accounts that just made me feel bad. Anytime I would compare myself to a fitness model I would stop instantly and think "Nah girl you need to unfollow this account right now - everyone's journey is different and everyone's body is different." It was really a healthy way for me to stay in a positive mindset. I think that is also a huge challenge everyone faces - comparing themselves to others. Whether you are comparing body types, careers, relationships, etc. it can be really hard to break that cycle. Little by little every day get's easier to feel more confident. For example, I would NEVER wear a crop top before - and now I'm rocking the "Thick-fil-a" EnterAction Apparel crop top sweater like it's my dang job. It sounds so minimal and silly - but it's the little things like that, that shows the progress of working through this journey of self-love.

How can your story help others who may be experiencing the very same path as you?

I think that my story can help and resonate with others, because I've been in their shoes! I feel that for me, it's sometimes difficult to vibe with the fitness accounts of people who have, how do I put this lightly...have never been overweight. That is in no way an attack on those accounts/people - what I mean is that it's easier to resonate with someone's story that is similar to your own. You understand the struggles that they have gone through, how many times they have started/stopped their journey, how many "this is my last hoorah, my diet starts tomorrow" they have had - because you've gone through this too. I want others to know that it wasn't easy, I still struggle every day to stay motivated to continue towards my goal. I started my IG account to be as transparent as possible, because I wanted to be real and show not only my successes but my struggles as well. I want the person scrolling on IG to find me and think, "if she can do this, I know I can do this." If I can help one person to make the decision to jump start their journey - that would make me the happiest person to know that I made a difference in their life in even the most insignificant way, whatever that may be.

What is your purpose/mission? Have you found it?(Actively pursuing?)

I love this question, because even though I don't know exactly what my life purpose is - I know I am on the right track. I get a very excited/buzzy type of feeling when I think about working in a health and wellness environment. I keep getting hits of pursing personal training certifications or nutrition certifications - but it's still a little fear of "why would anyone want to get trained by me" or "what am I thinking? I can't do that!" I know that it is my ego talking and what do I have to lose? I need to just go for it. My mom has always said that when you get that excited/buzzy feeling when thinking about what you would want your perfect career/life to be - you're on the right track, it's the divine breadcrumbs leading you on the right path. So stay tuned - Coach Fitgirl_Felicity may be coming to ya soon!

"Be the person you needed when you were young" Go back in time...what would this person tell the younger YOU?

Dear Chloe, GIRL IT WILL ALL BE OKAY. You may feel that you are never going to get out of this black hole, but there is light at the end of the tunnel. You will meet some of the best and worst people - but both will teach you lessons a long the way. The things you are doing are not serving you or your highest good, you need to let go of the toxic things that you are using as comfort. Your 20s are not going to be the greatest, but keep grinding because there is an amazing life and person waiting for you. Life is good, and you will be okay. Also don't date any other guys named Kyle, let that shit go...John is a better way to go ;)


Do you have any advice or words of wisdom you live by & would like to share?

Take life day by day. When you are looking at the overall picture/journey/goal/etc. it can feel very overwhelming. Taking it one step at a time can put you at ease and in a better head space. Surround yourself with and follow people that make you feel inspired, motivated, and happy. Let go of the things that don't serve you, or make you feel good. What makes you want to wake up in the morning - if it comes to you automatically, that is your passion and never lose sight of what your gut tells you...your gut is always right. Lastly, tell people you love them, speak your truth, and love yourself more.

What about us (EnterAction) do you love, if anything! With so, so, so, so many brands in this big beautiful world of ours, what drew you to us?

Gosh. I found out about EnterAction through the lovely @maddymargaritaa (this girl gives me LIFE). She posted a photo wearing one of the 'Thick' collection body suits and I fell in love and needed a shirt or something. After seeing the EnterAction IG page I was like, where in the world have they been?! I just love that the page/brand showcases real women and their curves. Again - it's all about resonating with things that make you feel good. This brand showed me women I inspired to be like and saw women that looked like me. Not only did I love the 'Thick' collection because hello it's genius, but it showcased these women from all different backgrounds being completely confident in their skin and I was sold. The EnterAction family is just so nice, welcoming, and I need to be a millionaire so I can buy every item they have.



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    Never had a doubt about you girl…. So happy you are such a good space.

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