Dana From New Jersey!!

Dana From New Jersey!!

Dana from NJ , a Mom , a Beast, A Badass!

One of our Cofounders lifts at the same Gym. 

Story goes "I saw her killing it , and I was like hmmmm... I wonder if she would like anything!? So I asked in the middle of her set , I think she was doing deadlifts or back-raises I forget .But it was at that awkward intermission, you know the one where you're sweaty, focused and don't really want to be bothered (Perfect timing). Showed her the Instagram page @enteractionapparel and said " Hey , I started a little apparel brand, check it out. Like anything?" 

Moral of the story  SHE DID! So here we are ,  thanks Dana , more to come!

Follow her IG: dana.marie33

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