Dear Ridiculous Lunch Debt:

Here at EnterAction Apparel, we’re a brand whose very foundation is built on family and positivity. Body positivity. Ownership of ones own image regardless of societal opinions. A business rooted in the very community mentioned. We cannot and We will not let others hopes...dreams...happiness... activities that very well may be the only outlet of expression for young individuals be destroyed by something like a lunch bill.

Individuals we put so much pressure on. The pressure to do well, the pressure to be strong, the pressure to soar high, the pressure to standout, the pressure to fit in. Individuals we challenge everyday to learn to be stars, to be better, to rise above those before them. We demand so much! If we take away the very opportunities needed to nurture and develop the skills to burst doors and push boundaries, how could we expect them to achieve anything?

We are willing as an early stage startup to make a difference. We are putting change over profit, but with all real change comes risk... What’s profit if you can’t help people with it? What’s the point of creating something if you can’t/won’t help others. The greatest gift one can give is helping those that cannot help you in return. Some of my greatest memories were centered around extracurricular activities in school.

EnterAction Apparel will pledge $500 to alleviate this lunch debt, but this is a community. Our community. We are asking fellow businesses to join us in fighting a battle these kids shouldn't.

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